Brands and Influencers: our secrets of successful cooperation with bloggers #HowWeDoItInUkraine

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WARTO Communications Agency is a Ukrainian team of top specialists in strategic communications, PR, marketing, and SMM. Since February 24, our lives, as well as all Ukrainians, have changed due to the russian full-scale armed invasion of our country. We have been living and continuing to work under the war for over three months now. Nevertheless, we are ready to share our expertise and tell more about how the communications sector works in Ukraine. We call this special project #HowWeDoItInUkraine. We hope you will enjoy it.

Not a secret, that influencer marketing is a rather efficient instrument of promotion for businesses when the brand gets the attention and affection of a specific audience through making connections with opinion leaders. Within such cooperation, the blogger is a full-fledged contractor, and bloggers’ social networks are the same communications channel as mass media, electronic newsletters, or corporate websites.

According to the latest research, 97% of Ukrainian youth aged 18–35 use the network every day. The level of trust in the bloggers’ recommendations is 62%. It means that cooperation with bloggers is a good way to promote any brand from the B2C and B2B segments of the market.

So, what the brand can get from such cooperation?
1. The attention of the target audience and the opportunity to convey the benefits of the product.
2. Increasing brand awareness and a positive impact on sales.
3. The trust in the product thanks to the influential opinion of the blogger.
4. The significant possibility to start a dialogue with consumers and show interest in each potential customer.
5. The direct feedback on product quality, company service, price, etc., to analyze the opinions of the audience, identify the most common problems and points of negativity and eliminate them.

Tips and tricks from WARTO:
We recommend maintaining a dialogue with users during the implementation of the campaigns with bloggers. Use this time to debunk myths and stereotypes about the product, and to thank your customers for high marks, loyalty, and constructive criticism. One of the milestones is not only to collect critical feedback but also to classify them and develop measures to remedy the situation.

The algorithm for successful collaboration with bloggers
1. Keep track of which social networks are preferred by potential customers and who they read. We recommend creating a database of bloggers, where they will be classified not only by the number of followers and geography but also by the interests of the target audience.
2. Develop a specific influence strategy. A holistic approach is a key to success. Follow the AIDA Model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) during the development of an influence strategy.
3. Attentively examine an information field before the beginning of the cooperation: make sure the blogger is not involved in current public conflicts and scandals, and check which advertisers the blogger has worked with before. These steps will protect your brand from potential reputational risks.
4. Be sure to sign the contract. This allows you to monitor the collaboration and bring the relationship with the blogger to a constructive level. After more than six years of experience working with bloggers shows, that without an advertiser’s contract, many unpleasant surprises await.
5. Constantly evaluate the effectiveness of cooperation and daily check the overall activity of the blogger, not just your collaborative posts. Thus, you can track mismatches between brand values ​​and blogger actions and adjust activity in time.

Tips and tricks from WARTO:
Works with influencers should begin with careful research. Do not select bloggers based on your preferences or recommendations, — it is better to use special metrics and instruments to determine the competence of bloggers. Analyze the involvement of the audience, the coverage, and interactions with the bloggers’ social networks. For a local brand, choose those opinion leaders who are living in the target city and/or have an audience from the target region. The core match for success is the coincidence of values ​​and lifestyles promoted by influencers with the values ​​of the brand.

Using these approaches, we always get more than just an advertising post or stories from working with bloggers. Influencer marketing as a tool is more flexible than you used to think. Eventually, it is a unique opportunity to get instant feedback from customers, respond quickly, and adjust business processes.

What interesting aspects can you tell about the cooperation with bloggers in your practice in your country? And what else would you be interested to know about the communication tools used by Ukrainian specialists?

We will tell more in #HowWeDoItInUkraine. Waiting for your comments here and on our LinkedIn!



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